Monday, July 9, 2007

The Mark of the Beast @ KRONOS!

Yesterday we had a VERY spontaneous heavy metal/ punk rock concert at KRONOS (the most METAL of art galleries!) and four (count 'em) bands rocked the shit out of the place and a normally quiet Sunday Staunton evening. The night started off with two local bands: Jonestown Massacre and Mirror Cage (Mirror Cage were especially heavy, and they're on their way to a primo gig at KRONOS's personal favorite, "The Masquerade" in Atlanta, Ga--where there are 3 floors: Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell). And then a punk band from Michael Moore's hometown of Flint, Michigan called The Swellers took the stage and sounded better than Greenday, and Detroit's Alucard rocked out the rest of the night with some major guitar shredding by our new friend Mike. Pounding eardrums, sweat all over the fuckin' place (as it was probably 100+ degrees in the Show Room) lots of great LOUD music by really cool enthusiastic young rockers who are payin' their dues livin' the dream, and art on the walls all askew! It's hard to believe we're having OPERA here later this week! KRONOS ROCKS!!!