Tuesday, October 16, 2007


KRONOS believes that american publishing sucks big sweaty donkey balls. [It's what you get when you have publishing houses run by bottom(line)feeding best-seller-junkie chickenshit editors owned by big-ass corporations whose vision of the world looks like this: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$]

At KRONOS ART GALLERY PRESS we have no money no distribution no important contacts.
But we DO know what's good LITERATURE (an endangered species--thank god for Doprah...NOT!!!) We pretty much hate writers too, because most writers are shameless suck-ups at heart who pay lip service to Literature but deep down want to hobnob with the douchebags at writers' conferences and be the next Dan Brown or JK Rowling and have their mugs on the cover of some jerkoff "literary magazine" and their weakass stories in the new yorker.


ANSWER: Why all the shit in all the shiterary magazines is all the fucking same.

QUESTION #1: Because MFA stands for MotherFucking Asshole?
QUESTION #2: It's the product of endless inbreeding, a kind of literary Appalachia?

At KRONOS we believe if you don't like something then change it; if you don't like what's out there then DO IT YOURSELF! So we became a publisher to set things a'right! WORD, Muthafucka!

SAMIZDAT, the "arts & culture magazine" of KRONOS Art Gallery, is published 8 times a year in conjunction with each new art exhibit. SAMIZDAT features trenchant essays & editorials (opinions? us?) on art's role in society, plus poetry, short stories, philosophical musings, humor & irreverance, an occasional crossword puzzle, and of course lots of great images of artwork as we strive to subvert authority and question the dominant paradigm. (Or something like that!)

SAMIZDAT welcomes submissions (but be advised that they're subject to merciless editing). Send relevant stuff to:

(See "Merch Table" for purchasing info...) Average issue length: 10 pages. Limited run. High-quality paper, glossy cover, great words & pictures--a little work of art!


KRONOS Art Gallery Press was launched in September, 2007 with the debut poetry chapbook of LORRAINE REES, a fabulous young poet from Virginia. Her book is entitled CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE, and was printed with a limited first edition run of 100 copies on high-quality milky-smooth paper that makes you want to run your fingers over it as you read the amazing poems! (*See "Merch Table" for purchasing info...)


A Brief Manual of Editing Fiction

Comprehensive and concise, THE ART OF EDITING is an indespensible guide to writing fiction. It covers all the pitfalls encountered and offers concrete solutions to make your prose the best it can be. (See "Merch Table" for purchasing info...)

In his career as a writer, Postupack has had three literary agents (count 'em!), and his novel The Serial Killer's Diet Book ("Catch-22 meets James Joyce") was published in 2001.