Friday, June 8, 2007


Over the past two and a half years, in addition to being a kick-ass art gallery, KRONOS has become famous for its fabulous live music events, and it's now one of the coolest venues around! The setting is intimate, the acoustics amazing, the crowd on its feet swaying, dancing, moshing to the music inches away from the performers (and when the house is packed this makes for a pure, righteous, underground, loud and sweaty rock experience!).

We're always looking for new bands to play @ KRONOS, so if you have one shoot us an email with your myspace and we'll see what we can do! We like HARD HEAVY ROCK, PUNK, HEAVY METAL, PSYCHEDELIA, PROGRESSIVE/ALTERNATIVE, INDUSTRIAL-TECHNO, EXPERIMENTAL, PUNK-METAL-JAZZ, CRAZY LOUD SHIT... We feature bands with original music only (although a cover now and then is okay, as long as it's cool!).


Here are some of the bands and solo artists we've already had at KRONOS...

BORN EMPTY (Nashville, TN) alternative rock
MOTHER/FATHER (Nashville, TN) post-punk new wave
LOOK WHAT I DID (Memphis, TN) hard experimental rock
GIFTS FROM ENOLA (Harrisonburg, VA) progressive psychedelic rock
PABLO & THE DREGS (Staunton, VA) alternative rock
SECRET NINJA DEATH SQUAD (Staunton, VA) alternative rock
ALUCARD (Detroit, MI) rock/punk/progressive
THE SWELLERS (Detroit, MI) punk
EMBERS FROM THE ALTAR (Waynesboro, VA) heavy metal
BEYOND THE THRONE (Waynesboro, VA) heavy metal
MIRROR CAGE (Harrisonburg, VA) heavy metal
JONESTOWN MASSACRE (Stuarts Draft, VA) heavy metal
EPIC FAIL (Staunton, VA) punk
LEEDLE (Staunton, VA) punk
FREAKSCENE (Waynesboro, VA) punk
NEW URBAN SPRAWL (Illinois) punk
VA FEAR (Waynesboro, VA) punk
KATAMARI DEATHROLL (Waynesboro, VA) experimental punk
THE GREAT EASTERN (Charlottesville, VA) progressive instrumental rock
FOUR FINGERS (Hopatcong, NJ) real punk
LOST AT SEA (Harrisonburg, VA) heavy metal
EARTHLING (Harrisonburg, VA) heavy metal
THE SMELL OF DEATH (Staunton, VA) heavy metal
THE GWENS (Staunton, VA) punk
AUGUST (Winchester, VA) alternative rock
THE RECEPTION (Winchester, VA) alternative acoustic rock
TEDDY BEAR CHRISTMAS (Staunton, VA) progressive rock
COMPARATIVE ANATOMY (Charlottesville, VA) grindcore/death metal/experimental
ONE EYED SUICIDE (Charlottesville, VA) metal/thrash/experimental
WITHIN OUR GATES (Harrisonburg, VA) thrash/metal/progressive
I AM THE MESSENGER (Staunton, VA) metal/progressive/alternative
STEAL THE PRIZE (Lynchburg, VA) progressive hard rock
THE SOUTH FRENCH BROADS (Asheville, NC) alternative
LEA (Washington, D.C.) solo acoustic folk
JOIA WOOD (Charlottesville, VA) solo acoustic folk
BRYAN ELIJAH SMITH (Dayton, VA) solo acoustic alternative folk
UNCLE JEMIMA (Charlottesville, VA) alternative acoustic rock
TEN TRICK PONY (Staunton, VA) alternative acoustic rock
NATHAN STITELER BAND (Nashville, TN) alternative
LUKE LANGSJOEN (Charlottesville, VA) alternative folk
ID M THEFTABLE (Windham, ME) anti-music experimental noise and soundscapes
MR HENRY (Italy) alternative rock
JOE POLLOCK (Charlottesville, VA) finger-style guitar
WES SWING (Charlottesville, VA) alternative acoustic cello
MILD WINTER (Harrisonburg, VA) alternative folk
RED RIVER ROLLERCOASTER (Harrisonburg, VA) alternative original bluegrass
SPACE PROGRAM (Staunton, VA) psychedelic, progressive
TOWERING (Harrisonburg, VA) progressive, hard rock
THE PENDULUM FALLS (Staunton, VA) hardcore metal
DIRTY WHITE DEVILS (Waynesboro, VA) industrial-goth-metal
IRONS IN THE FIRE (Staunton, VA) alternative rock
THY OPEN WOUNDS (Waynesboro, VA) alternative rock
I AM THE KID (Farmville, VA) heavy metal
AIRSTRIKE (Waynesboro, VA) punk
FREAKY J & THE BEARS (Waynesboro, VA) punk
IT CAME FROM THE SKY (Charlottesville, VA) progressive hard rock
PARACHUTE MUSICAL (Nashville, TN) indie rock/crunk
I FORGET (Fort Ashby, West Virginia) punk
THE YELLOW MARKER (Staunton, VA) post-punk alternative
RAZORBLAID (Verona, VA) rock
KENZIE CASON (Staunton, VA) acoustic alternative
ADAM AUSTIN (Waynesboro, VA) acoustic alternative
DJ-KIMSEY (Harrisonburg, VA) jungle
DJ K-PAC (Reykjavik, ICELAND) heavy dark industrial techno
LED ZEPPELIN (London, England) hard rock

Here are some images from some of our shows... below to view slideshow!