Sunday, July 22, 2007

ART OPENING a Smashing Success!!!

July 20th's ART OPENING was a smashing success, with a packed house, great new art by some of our favorite local & regional artists, and a fabulous solo show by our hero Christina Varga direct from the VARGA Gallery in Woodstock, NY! She hung her show "salon style", "the Show" room transformed into a kind of Bohemian art house, or rather an explosion of art, as if an art bomb had been set off inside KRONOS! You feel me? And while the people gathered were digging the art they were grooving to the tunes of LIVE DJ Brian Boyd. And at one point, the lights in "the Collection" room went off and everyone started dancing! (What other art gallery inspires people to dance?!) And of course we went well past 9pm, a great time had by all!