Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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HIGHLIGHTS from KRONOS's Show (December 5th, 2008 through January 4th, 2009)

Our FEATURED ARTIST in "The Show" Room: DIANA YOUNG (digital art/computer manipulations).

In "The Collection" Room, exciting work from 27 local, regional, and national artists:
David Modler, Jessica Martinkosky, Keith Mills, Adam Wentworth, Sara Wentworth, Jenny Luznicky-White, Kat Corrin, Cody Brogan, Jordan Roeder, Laure Stevens-Lubin, Lynn Lough, John Bell, Marian Engel, Eric Scott, Cassie Ford, Brian Boyd, Charlene Schillinger, Joan Belmar, Mary Catherine Richardson, Jennnifer Parker, Julie Steiner, Eddie Moone, George Peterson IV, Brian Harrison, Crystal Myers, & Angus Carter.


HIGHLIGHTS from KRONOS's Show (October 10th through November 30th, 2008)

In "The Show" Room we have a group show: "HARRISONBURG ARTISTS SHOWCASE!" featuring 18 of our northern neighbor's best! PLUS work from 20 artists in "The Collection" Room! Our BIGGEST SHOW YET!!!

all work copyright 2008

HIGHLIGHTS from KRONOS's SHOW (August 29th through October 5th, 2008)...

Our SOLO ARTIST is Seattle's BOO DAVIS/QUILTSRYCHE and her heavy metal evil rock quilts in "The Show" room! (www.quiltsryche.com)

And in "The Collection" room, new and exciting work from Ezekiel Woods, Jasmine Austin, Mauricio Esperon, Leslie Banta, Scott & Julie Keen, Diana Young, Jessica Martinkosky, Samone Riddle, Charlene Schillinger, Eric, & K-Pac.

--all work copyright 2008


HIGHLIGHTS from KRONOS's SHOW (July 11th--August 24th)

SOLO ARTIST in "The Show" room: JOAN BELMAR (from Chile by way of DC--www.belmart.net)

In "The Collection"
room: New & exciting work from Meg Brooks, Scott & Julie Keen, Scott Ackerman, Denise Kanter, Diana Young, Ashley McCoy, Ezekiel Woods, Cynthia Greene, Bethany Tobin, Cristina Alana Goncalves, Jennifer Parker, Erin Taylor, Karen Snarr-Beiler, Charlene Schillinger, Samone Riddle, Bonnie Johns, & Kevin Postupack.

--all work copyright 2008


HIGHLIGHTS from KRONOS's SHOW (May 30--July 6)

SOLO ARTIST in "The Show" room: JOROKO (Denver, Colorado--www.joroko.com)

In "The Collection" room: New and exciting work from these 17 local and regional artists: Jordan Roeder, Deena Warner, Ezekiel Woods, Diana Young, Brooke Sayre, Piper Brown, Janly Jaggard, Jennifer Parker, Eliza Martin, Dymph De Wild, Chico Harkrader, Ellie Meixner, Meg Brooks, Charlene Schillinger, Alexandra Hofgren, Karel Pavelevich, & Kevin Postupack!

--all work copyright 2008


HIGHLIGHTS from KRONOS's SHOW (April 11th through May 25th, 2008)

Featured Artist in "The Show" room: MARY BETH BELLAH (Charlottesville, VA): "Personality Development" (radical, experimental, political quilt & fiber art)

In "The Collection" room: New work from Dante Alighieri, Leslie Banta, Joan Belmar, Brian Boyd, Piper Brown, Jesse James Calderon, Ashley DeAngelo, Travis Frye, Cristina Alana Goncalves, Chico Harkrader, Janly Jaggard, Denise Kanter, Eliza Martin, Eddie Moone, Dave Moore, Jennifer Parker, Kevin Postupack, Charlene Olivia Schillinger, Karen Snarr-Beiler, Robert Stuart, Ezekiel Woods, & Diana Young.


HIGHLIGHTS from KRONOS's SHOW (Feb 29, 2008 through April 6, 2008)

FEATURED ARTIST: JOYCE McCARTEN (Falls Church, VA--www.mccartenart.com) Oil & Mixed Media Paintings in "The SHOW" room.

In "The COLLECTION" room: new work from these exciting artists! Joan Belmar, Cara Di Massimo, Jesse James Calderon, Lindsey Loreathe Pellegrin, Chico Harkrader, Diana Young, Robert Bersson, Piper Brown, Bethany Tobin, Dave Moore, & Kevin Postupack.


***HIGHLIGHTS From KRONOS's SHOW (Jan 11th, 2008 -- Feb 24th, 2008)

FEATURED ARTIST: LESLIE BANTA (Staunton, VA--www.lesliebanta.com) New Oil Paintings in "The Show" room.

In "The Collection" room: Chico Harkrader, Erica Mikhailova, Sarah Vaeth, Eric McGehearty, Piper Brown, Dave Moore, Tim Forbis, Diana Young, Kim Grove, Robert Bersson, & Kevin Postupack.


***HIGHLIGHTS From KRONOS's SHOW (Nov 30th, 2007 -- Jan 6th, 2008)

FEATURED ARTIST: JAMEY GRIMES (Tuscaloosa, AL--www.jameygrimes.com) Sculpture & Installations in "The Show" room.

In "The Collection" room: Sarah Vaeth, Eric McGehearty, Devi Ever, Cecil Eric Byrd, Jasmine Desiree Austin, Kim Grove, Dave Moore, Robert Bersson, Charlene Olivia Schillinger, Piper Brown, Brian Boyd, Elyse Cooner, Michael McDonagh, Jennifer Sands Deane, Jason Welch, Leslie Banta, Diana Branscome, Gary Hostetter, & Kevin Postupack.


***HIGHLIGHTS from KRONOS's SHOW (Oct 12th, 2007 -- Nov 25th, 2007)

FEATURED ARTIST: DYMPH DE WILD (Staunton, VA) Painting, Printmaking, Photography in "The Show" room.

In "The Collection" room: Robert Bersson, Dave Moore, Michael McDonagh, Jason Welch, Brian Boyd, Diana Young, Kathleen Jenkins, & Kevin Postupack.