Monday, April 28, 2008


"If Frank Zappa and Minutemen front man D. Boone had ever gotten trapped in an elevator together with a bass, drum set, and an arsenal of toy pianos, slide whistles, samplers, and harmonicas they might have produced something a bit like the music of the SOUTH FRENCH BROADS. The duo is from Asheville, North Carolina, and they pound out songs that swing from noisy, discordant circus music into bassy-funk jams and back again. But as the saying goes, a slide-whistle solo is worth a thousand words--so you should probably stop reading this and just go see them!" --Arts & Entertainment/ Smart Bets

The SOUTH FRENCH BROADS are an eclectic 2-piece ensemble that incorporate bass, drums, sax, harp, vocal, and sound toys into an energetic mix of rock, punk, jazz, comedy, and theatrics. Based in Asheville, NC, the duo has been playing the local scene to a steadily growing following and has been branching out to NYC and even Staunton, Virginia! The energy onstage is incredible as Radix pounds the drums with punk rock abandon tempered with lush jazz stylings--all the while playing the sax, one-handed, on selected numbers. Alex scurries around looping bass lines to enable the addition of harmonica and various toys. While seasoned musicianship is apparent, the duo seek foremost to entertain with a variety of styles, stories, and a fast-paced set of pieces that rarely reach three minutes. Oddly original!

@ KRONOS Art Gallery... (Of course!)
8PM (sHaRp!)
3 bucks!