Thursday, April 3, 2008


This is the sequel to yesterday's blog (the subject of which has haunted us here at KRONOS for the past day).

The following are two follow-up letters, the first sent to the san francisco art institute, the second to the david zwirner gallery in New York City...

to the sfai:

Regarding abdessemed's exhibit you are a disgrace for even showing this, for even considering it! The sfai has publicly announced to the world that it is morally bankrupt. Your credibility is gone and whoever organized the show should resign in shame and rethink their place in the world.

to the david zwirner gallery:

To keep adel abdessemed as one of your artists states very clearly that you are morally bankrupt and that your credibility is gone. If the other artists on your roster had any backbone or conviction they would tell you what to do with your gallery!

Kevin Postupack
Director KRONOS Art Gallery