Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reviews for "RANT 2: NYRFACE!"

What the critics have to say about "RANT 2: NYRFACE!" and Kevin Postupack...

"I'm waiting for him in Hell." --Jerry Falwell

"The ravings of a madman!" --Tom Cruise

"Postupack is demented and should get shock treatment ASAP!" --Dr. Phil

"Postupack is the most unfunny, untalented person imaginable and anyone who attends his 'RANT' should have their head examined." --The McDoofie Art Center

"I laughed so hard at his relentless acerbic wit that I had to perform a bowel resection on myself after administering broad spectrum antibiotics and checking for lupus and vasculitis." --Dr. Gregory House

"After seeing 'RANT 2: NYRFACE!' I had him immediately excommunicated, and I also wondered if he might in fact be possessed by Satan." --Pope Benedict XVI

"Lenny Bruce meets 'My Dinner with Andre'." --Stephen Hawking

"I can't comment due to the impending lawsuit." --Oprah Winfrey

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