Thursday, September 20, 2007

RANT 2: NYRFACE! and tazers...

What is RANT 2: NYRFACE!?

1. a scathing and hilarious one-man show written & performed by Kevin Postupack, KRONOS's benevolent dictator and poet laureate of the demimonde
2. politics; guerilla poetry; a skewering of sacred cows
3. an all-out assault on hypocrisy, apathy, and our temporary culture
4. boob juggling

When is it?

THIS FRIDAY September 21st at 8pm @ KRONOS Art Gallery. The performance will be filmed by the legendary director Craig Snodgrass (who made the music videos for "The Sad Lives of the Hollywood Lovers" and "Cake").

Is it for kids?

Warning: Parental Advisory--Strong language, uncomfortable ideas, & boob juggling

Are tazers allowed?


How much?

The performance is being done as a benefit for KRONOS--$5 at the door. PLUS, the brand new issue of SAMIZDAT will be available (including a piece on Paris Hilton--Oh Paris, Paris...why don't you ever return my calls?)