Friday, August 10, 2007

Vaudeville @ KRONOS!

Wednesday August 15th @ 8pm KRONOS, the gallery that's so cool it should be in black & white, is having VAUDEVILLE NIGHT! What's better than Keanu Reeves? Answer: TWO Keanu Reeveses! Two actors (Rob Banta & Alejandro Rosa) are both Keanu Reeves doing Shakespeare (with lots of Keanu's signature lines thrown in!). "You're goin' down, Macbeth! Whoa!" A tribute to the greatest actor of our time!

PLUS... KRONOS fave Nathan Moore doing MAGIC instead of music! With juggling and a short skit "The Fainting Boy". Great summertime entertainment for the whole family (unless you're the Manson family, in which case you should go to "Serial Killer Night" @ the McDoofie).