Monday, December 8, 2008

HIGHLIGHTS from the CURRENT SHOW! (Dec 5, 2008 through Jan 4, 2009)

Our FEATURED ARTIST in "The Show" Room: DIANA YOUNG (digital art/computer manipulations).

In "The Collection" Room, exciting work from 27 local, regional, and national artists:
David Modler, Jessica Martinkosky, Keith Mills, Adam Wentworth, Sara Wentworth, Jenny Luznicky-White, Kat Corrin, Cody Brogan, Jordan Roeder, Laure Stevens-Lubin, Lynn Lough, John Bell, Marian Engel, Eric Scott, Cassie Ford, Brian Boyd, Charlene Schillinger, Joan Belmar, Mary Catherine Richardson, Jennnifer Parker, Julie Steiner, Eddie Moone, George Peterson IV, Brian Harrison, Crystal Myers, & Angus Carter.