Thursday, May 29, 2008


KRONOS's new show which opens this FRIDAY, MAY 30th (6pm-10pm) is AWESOMELY AMAZING!!! JOROKO (from Denver, CO) is our SOLO ARTIST, and his work made me catch my breath yesterday when I took it out of the boxes! Painting/sculpture/mixed media work which is his response to our endless War in Iraq, and I say with certainty that his anti-war art is more powerful, disturbing, and strangely beautiful than ANY artists I know of working today! They are in a word, KICK-ASS!--like nothing this valley (or even NYC has seen--except when Joroko's shown there!).

Plus, we'll have new and exciting work from these 17 local and regional artists:
Jordan Roeder, Deena Warner, Ezekiel Woods, Diana Young, Brooke Sayre, Piper Brown, Janly Jaggard, Jennifer Parker, Eliza Martin, Dymph De Wild, Chico Harkrader, Ellie Meixner, Meg Brooks, Charlene Schillinger, Alexandra Hofgren, Karel Pavelevich, & Kevin Postupack!

PLUS, special guest DJ P-MAC spinning an evening of PUNK ROCK!!! With refreshments, dancing, the unveiling of KRONOS's brand new T-SHIRTS, our tabloid The Meteor on sale, and coolness bestowed upon all who attend!

KRONOS: Because We Care!